Clean eatin'

What I Ate: 6/19

Ugh, this entire week/month has really sucked ass, but on the plus side, I didn’t emotionally eat today? I mean, it’s a minor plus considering the fact that everything else is sucking out my soul piece by piece, but still. 


  • 3 eggs scrambled with some salmon in ghee + a plum + matcha (mixed with water)

Middayish thing/pre-yoga:

  • Carrot orange ginger juice


  • Chicken + guac + green plantains + broc
  • This strawberry “dessert” that basically just ended up being a strawberry smoothie

What I Ate: 6/17

Okay, I need to think of names for that post-yoga Super Hunger and that pleasurable healthy food throwdown after. Like single words, German style, so I can yell them at the top of my lungs and feel satisfied with my life.

Anyway, I definitely see that I’m getting better at yoga! At least at downward dog when my hands aren’t slipping. Even my towel was slippery today and I was like no what stahp. In other news, I was thinking about birthday dresses. My birthday’s in mid-August and for whatever reason, I want to wear a shift dress, but this would mean losing some tummy chub for optimal fit. I’m really focusing on eating non-processed foods and eating mindfully rather than losing pounds at this point, so I feel like having a goal to lose some weight for a piece of clothing might be detrimental to my progress re: the whole mindful eating thing. So I’ll think about it. 


  • Scrambled eggs + all natural turkey sausage 
  • Matcha (mixed with water)

Snack, etc:

  • Plum + almonds + two yogurt covered pretzels

Dinner/post workout:

  • Baked chicken + this paleo faux satay sauce that was quite good + broccoli + cabbage + a little bit of sprouted brown rice
  • A single serving almond butter cookie made with coconut sugar and GF flour. Reduced the amount of sugar by half so it tasted a little bleh but it was enough to satisfy my sweet tooth in a reasonable way.  Bless whoever thought of making single serving baked goods.

I’m incapable of going to the grocery store and getting everything I want/need, even if I make a stupid list. I just want green plantains and avocado :(

Blerg, internet was messed up for a bit so I couldn’t post!

The last two days of my challenge went well! Don’t have time to make a full post rn, but I thought I’d update.

When It Comes to Our Brains, Study Suggests Yoga Trumps Running

I definitely feel this. I mean, I don’t feel like garbage after I run, but the high is much higher after yoga, which is precisely why I’m going to start with sun salutations in the morning now. 

7 Day Binge-Free Challenge: Day 4? 3? It is a day.

1) Name change! I got lazy.

2) Today was good, though I think I was slightly less mindful than before. But no binges or compulsive eating, despite yoga today which always makes me SUPER hungry. I was a little anxious about the carb content and my lack of a big pile of green veggies that I usually squeeze in, but overall, today was fairly low on food related anxiety. I forgot which book on intuitive eating this is from, but there was a lot of talk of permission to eat what you wanted. All of my foods were “clean” and I wanted to eat them because they made me feel good and nourished me when I needed that nourishment, so I shouldn’t feel bad about them…which I have to keep telling myself because looking over this I’m freaking out over the carbs :|


  • Eggs scrambled with spinach and salmon + coffee + a few cherries

Lunch/Snack/Pre-workout sprinkled throughout the day:

  • 3/4 of a carrot cake Larabar (which I didn’t like—are there any varieties that aren’t super sweet?)
  • Hummus + a few (less than ten) Mary’s Gone Crackers GF crackers
  • Small-ish apple


  • Chicken, garlic, various peppers, and a bit of organic cheese on sprouted organic corn tortillas
  • Strawberries blended with full fat coconut milk and vanilla (so good!)

7-Day Binge Free Challenge: Day Three

Today was weird because I was sick all day, but I didn’t really binge? I just ate food I wouldn’t normally eat because comfort foods. I had some melon, chicken tenders, fries, and ginger ale—the tenders were free-range, etc, and the ginger ale was one of the fancy kinds without HFCS.

Hopefully I’ll be better tomorrow and can get back to the whole challenge 100%. But lately I’ve been feeling pretty blah about food in general. I used to get psyched to grocery shop but now I’m just like ugh, guess I have to fix something to eat. Not sure how to change that.

7-Day Binge-Free Challenge: Day Two

Today went well, I think, despite my general distress. I think I tend to let loose and freak out in the evening but I’ve successfully kept things in check despite being very hungry after dinner. I’m trying not to feel guilty about the GF cookie I made/ate either because I was legitimately hungry when I ate it and I ate it reasonably/mindfully. Still having carb hang ups.


  • GF biscuit + 3 eggs scrambled + black coffee
  • Ate somewhat quickly but I left some on the plate because I was full. Felt pretty anxious because of job hunting stuff, but I guess I made it through??


  • Huge salad with chicken and a billion different veggies + hummus + GF crackers (Mary’s Gone Crackers brand)
  • Still felt pretty :| but I ate mindfully


  • Apple
  • Wolfed it down because I thought I was going to yoga but I didn’t go


  • Salmon + mixed veggies
  • Single serve GF almond butter cookie
  • I ate the salmon/veg first and realized that I was still hungry. I was feelin’ a cookie, so I made that one and really enjoyed it without going overboard. I paused several times throughout eating it so I could reassess my hunger levels, so that’s a big plus. 

7-Day Binge/Compulsive Eating-Free Challenge: Day 1

I was somewhat hungover this morning/today, but I still did well, I think! Luckily good hangover food is also paleo; though I’m not 100% paleo anymore, I still count it as a healthy choice. Very glad that the places I can order delivery from use meat from good sources. Also a shoutout to Grubhub’s iPhone app for letting me order breakfast/dinner from bed.

Anyway, the food:


  • Eggs scrambled with spinach + bacon + a small turkey sausage
  • Half a biscuit
  • Coffee
  • I was feeling pretty bleh, like I said, but I think I did a good job of being mindful. I kept looking at my food during my breaks and evaluating my hunger levels and found that I could be satisfied with half. I stayed full for quite a while, which was surprising considering the portion size.

Lunch/post-workout (today I went for a run):

  • Green smoothie (spinach, a banana, almond butter, almond milk, chia and flax)
  • A big salad because apparently I’m on a greens fix today (romaine, carrot, broccoli, peas, chicken, vinaigrette)
  • Peppermint tea
  • My stomach was feeling super off around this time, so I wasn’t sure about my hunger levels. But I did make good choices, so that’s good.


  • The rest of my breakfast since I didn’t finish it.
  • I don’t feel like eating more, but there’s this weird anxiety I felt/am feeling because I didn’t eat a dessert straight after. It’s not like I’m going to not have food available or anything, so I’m trying to dissect this feeling. Is it because of habit that I want dessert? I feel like I eat something after dinner every single day, whether it’s sweet or not. Or do I just need to eat bigger dinners? 

Annnd already flopped on the 7 day challenge last night, so I’m starting today.

My hunger signals have been somewhat off as of late, so I’m working on slowing down while I eat. I shouldn’t fiddle around on the computer while I eat but that’s what I’m doing right now :| (Update: successfully stopped when I was full and didn’t pick at the rest of this food for no reason)

Before I got completely plastered and funneled salty chips down my face last night, I paid attention to how much I was eating at dinner at a restaurant, which is new. I paused when I was about 3/4 of the way full and evaluated my fullness levels. I did keep eating, but I’m glad I even thought to do it.

On an unrelated now, how messed up is it that I can drink a bunch of booze (non-wheat based booze) and wake up feeling better than I do when I eat a bunch of pizza for dinner?